Get to Know the Administration of CEITEC MU 

Jiří Nantl

CEITEC MU Director

Martina Pokorná

CEITEC MU Deputy Director for Administration

Karel Říha

Deputy Director for Research, Research Group Leader Senior

Pavel Plevka

Deputy Director for Research Infrastructure, Research Group Leader

+420 549 49 2911

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Michal Marcolla

CEITEC MU Secretary


  • Comprehensive preparation and administration of the Institute’s budget, including all related activities. 
  • Coordination of operation-related matters of the Institute, including cooperation with the University Campus Administratio in Brno-Bohunice. 
  • Coordination of the planning and realisation of investment projects, including construction activities.
  • Planning of the IT infrastructure and the effective usage of the CEITEC MU premises. 
  • Involved in meetings held by the Bursar and the Construction Board at Masaryk University.

Nikola Kostlánová

CEITEC MU Scientific Secretary


  • Comprehensive preparation of concepts for the development of scientific areas.
  • Preparation, planning, and coordination of research and scientific development activities - scientific assessment, ISAB, PhD school and CEITEC Postdoc Program, Strategy Board meetings, and the recruitment of research groups leaders and core facility leaders.
  • Ombudsperson for postdocs.
  • Involved in meetings held by the Vice-Rector for Research and Doctoral Studies, and the Library Board.